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Stack Exchange Engineering with Nick Craver

Published on 01/19/2017

What keeps the Stack Exchange suite of websites running under massive load? This episode covers the infrastructure and engineering ingenuity powering our favorite platform. [Read More...]

Error and performance tracking with JD Trask from Raygun

Published on 10/13/2016

Tracking errors and performance issues in production environments and in real time can help drastically improve user experience. This episode not only talks about implementing exactly that, but it also talks about building and scaling Raygun, which is a service that provides this solution. This episode covers both business and technical knowledge. [Read More...]

Building APIs, the Cloud Elements way

Published on 09/19/2016

Learn how to build scalable APIs with features like performance analytics, from a company that focuses on building API integrations. Also learn about their development pipeline, culture, and communication, and how important these are when you are growing quickly. [Read More...]

JavaScript and its role in Artificial Intelligence, AR, and VR

Published on 08/09/2016

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are all popular topics right now, but what can we expect from them and what role will JavaScript play in this future? We talk about these points, and we also talk about finding the right talent when hiring, and how to get jobs in the industry. [Read More...]

Building a data analytics engine on AWS, the Simple way

Published on 05/04/2016

Whether you are a new startup or a larger and established company, data analytics can give you unique answers to business and engineering questions. How can you build an engine with limited resources on AWS, and how can you make sense of data? Jeff answers these critical questions. [Read More...]

Building epic open source tools the HashiCorp way, with Seth Vargo

Published on 03/30/2016

Take a look at how HashiCorp's engineering culture promotes building well-polished open source tools. We also go over each tool to see how they simplify infrastructure and development. [Read More...]

A look inside Etsy's scale and engineering culture

Published on 03/16/2016

This episode gives us unique insight into Etsy's engineering culture, thanks to Jon Cowie's remote work experience as a Staff Operations Engineer. In addition to that, we peek inside their architecture and scale. [Read More...]

Building and scaling Code School with Docker and a service-oriented architecture

Published on 02/29/2016

In this interview with Thomas Meeks, Code School's CTO, we learn about how they use a service-oriented architecture to spread around the load. We also talk about Docker, which they use in their newer coding sandboxes to run student's code and verify it. On top of that, we discuss caching, databases, monitoring, and company culture. [Read More...]

Large scale image processing on the fly in 25ms with Google's first Network Engineer

Published on 02/02/2016

We talk about his experience at Google, ImageShack, and how his engine can process images in 25ms on the cloud. [Read More...]

Building an API for many devices and choosing native vs. web apps at Plex.tv

Published on 01/18/2016

Should you still build apps natively, or can you use web apps? What about building an API that can support all of these different devices? Schuyler from Plex.tv joins us to explain their decision making. [Read More...]

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